Pets deserve real food, not highly processed kibble or canned convenience food. Holistic Veterinarian Cathy Alinovi and Pet Food Safety Advocate Susan Thixton have taken pet food into the kitchen..your kitchen! At last, pets can eat the foods they have been begging for..your food. Not to mention you can help your own budget, saving an average of $1000 per pet a year on food all while saving on vet bills by keeping your pet healthier with home cooked meals.

Nearly $22 billion was spent on pet food alone in the United States in 2013. The largest growing segment of the booming pet food industry is natural foods. Almost every industry in the U.S. is failing in the current economy except one…natural pet foods is selling at record breaking numbers.

It should make sense that with the boom in natural pet food sales, improved health of our pets should be skyrocketing too. But that’s not the case.

As sales of natural pet foods soar…

The question has to be asked……Is commercial pet food not nearly as healthy as they claim?

Most commercial pet foods are nothing more than fast food; convenience food. It is a commonly known fact: humans who frequently eat convenience foods are at risk for serious illness (obesity, heart disease, diabetes). Pets are suffering from the very same health risks…are convenience pet foods the cause?

Holistic Veterinarian Cathy Alinovi and Pet Food Safety Advocate Susan Thixton are confident most commercial pet foods are not even close to as healthy as a home prepared meal for dogs and cats.

They have combined their medical training and industry knowledge to develop dozens of recipes for truly premium, healthy cat and dog foods in the new pet cookbook Dinner PAWsible. The best food to provide your dog and or cat is your food! Chicken, beef, fish, and a multitude of fresh vegetables.

Start giving your pet healthy meals today, order your copy of Dinner Pawsible On Kindle, Paperback, Nook, or download through your iTunes account

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