DP_aboutusDr. Cathy Alinovi received her general veterinary education at the Purdue University School of Veterinary Medicine. However, the universe kept sending patients to Dr. Cathy that couldn’t be fixed by general veterinary medicine. So, she started by learning veterinary spinal manipulation (chiropractic to some). Many of her lame patients became much better. But there were a few who needed more. Dr. Cathy learned applied kinesiology as it applied to chiropractic. More patients got better. Then, she took the course that changed everything – it was supposedly about allergies. Well, it was about allergies, but really it was about feeding real food and what commercial food does to our pets. After a major guilt trip for feeding corn and by-products (but it’s a prescription line!!) to her allergy dog, she switched to real food and in 3 days her Lady dog stopped a lifetime of aloof behavior and became friendly and loving.

Oh, and Lady stopped itching and shedding. After that, Dr. Cathy became certified in veterinary food therapy, herbal therapy, tui-na, acupuncture, and aromatherapy. She is a student of homeopathy, is completing her training in advanced functional neurology (there are still a few patients requiring more education), and she is an instructor of the Healing Oasis Wellness Center in Wisconsin. Nutrition is at the heart of every exam in her integrative practice, curing over 80% of all problems. Her practice, Hoofstock Veterinary Clinic, is located in Pine Village, IN providing care for dogs, cats, small ruminants, llamas, horses and livestock.

Dr. Cathy tells clients all the time that if their pet is shedding it not healthy. “But my breed is known for shedding” say her clients. “Not on healthy food” she says. “Give it a month and let’s see where we are.” A month later, with wholesome food – much less shedding. Those that still shed need more work – but the food has fixed so much.

obj42geo40pg1p22Susan Thixton, dubbed the ‘Caped Crusader for Safe Pet Food’, is a pet food safety advocate. Her website, TruthaboutPetFood.com provides pet food education to pet

parents all over the world. Susan is a frequent guest on numerous talk radio shows across the U.S. and Canada, was interviewed in a pet food documentary being produced in Spain, has presented her unique pet food education to veterinary students at Western University of Health Sciences, and has represented pet parents at pet food regulatory meetings.

Susan’s pet food education began almost 20 years ago when her beloved dog was diagnosed with bone cancer. Even worse news came when Susan’s trusted veterinarian told her the chemical preservative ethoxyquin found in the dog food was the likely cause of the cancer; her vet explained the chemical preservative was to extend the shelf life of the dog food (keep it fresh longer). One phone call later, to the pet food manufacturer (the leading dog food in the United States at the time) changed Susan’s life. The pet food manufacturer told Susan this dog food would remain fresh for 25 years! More than three times as long as Susan’s dog lived.

To learn more about commercial pet food, read Susan’s first book ‘Buyer Beware, The Crimes, Lies, and Truth about Pet Food’ and subscribe to the free newsletter on TruthaboutPetFood.com.

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