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Healthy Homemade Pet Food

The Facts

Pets deserve real food, not highly processed kibble or canned convenience food. Holistic Veterinarian Cathy Alinovi and Pet Food Safety Advocate Susan Thixton have taken pet food into the kitchen..your kitchen! At last, pets can eat the foods they have been begging for..your food. Not to mention you can help your own budget, saving an average of $1000 per pet a year on food all while saving on vet bills by keeping your pet healthier with home cooked meals.

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Sample Recipes

Feeding your pet healthy, whole “people” foods can not only impact their health in a positive way, it’s also a lot easier than it sounds and not nearly as costly as you may expect.  Below, I’ve given you sample recipes that you may want to try, along with price comparisons and time estimates, so you can see what you’re getting yourself in to.  Can’t “cook pet meals” all the time? No problem.  Even one solid, healthy meal a week is a special treat that your pet will thank you for!


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