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Dinner PAWsible is making news...

Great Review in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette!

Journalist Susan Banks wrote "Dinner PAWsible: A Cookbook of Healthy Dog & Cat Meals" by Cathy Alinovi DVM and Susan Thixton (CreateSpace, $24.95), takes the guesswork out of preparing pet food at home. This well-illustrated, clearly written paperback offers a wide selection of recipes for both cats and dogs."

This same story has been republished on the ABC Actions News website in Tampa, FL and in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune.

A great review from About.com...
A New Cookbook for Dogs and Cats Takes Out the Guesswork
"There are other homemade pet food cookbooks out there...But "Dinner PAWsible" has a paw up in that it's not just a pet food cookbook; it's a nutritional guide written by someone who has spent 20 years doggedly (if you'll pardon the pun) researching and investigating pet health and nutrition, and a veterinarian who also has conducted a considerable amount of research into this often highly confusing subject."

Homemade Dog and Cat Food Recipes
"Homemade pet foods are nothing new. In fact, it's only been within the last couple of generations that the majority of pet parents have begun serving their companion animals commercial pet foods.

As the authors of "Dinner PAWsible" have pointed out, the commercial pet food industry (and many veterinarians, for that matter) have long frowned on serving pets table scraps and people foods.

That's nonsense.

People of my grandparents' generation solely served table scraps and homemade meals to their pets, and their pets often lived to be ripe old ages. (My grandmother frequently served her cats organ meats such as beef kidneys and hearts, and they thrived.)

The bottom line is, people foods are not only fine for pets, these are arguably much healthier than commercial pet foods."

Big News from allthingshealing.com:

"Introducing our new Co-Editor on Animals & Pets, Cathy Alinovi, DVM of Hoofstock Veterinary Service and author of Dinner PAWsible. She is an integrative veterinarian in Pine Village, Indiana USA, and her book is a cookbook for pets as she believes good nutrition is the key to curing most reasons pets go to the vet. Welcome, Dr. Alinovi!"

From Canadian newspaper LangleyToday.ca...
Home Cooked Food for your Furry Friend
by Cee Archer

"I remember when my mom used to give our dog home cooked food. What she would do is give him the same as what we had for our supper each night, without the salt and spices. He did great on it.

Nowadays I'm wandering the pet isles, where the big pet food companies are trying to bribe me with their so-called wonderful foods. So why don't I feel good when I read the labels?

If you are like me and are squeamish about feeding raw food to your pets, what other choice is there?

Well, this is one choice you might want to consider, it's a new book called Dinner Pawsible....I would feel really good about feeding this to my furry crew."